Paradox ProVision

ProVision Fighter System Software Support


ProVision Fighter System Software Support
The Fighter ProVision software provides a complete and accurate real time representation of the Fighter system.
Allows the programming and control of system parameters such as:
System visual representation:
The sytem is graphically mimcked on screen with full indication of alarms,faults, bypasses etc
The important system configuration is shown on the main monitoring screen (croszonnings, intellizones etc).
Easy information filtering for zones, events and other system status.
System operation:
Bypass, Silence, Reset, Time setting (automatic or manual)
System programming:
All the parameters of the panel can be easilly set through the ProVision software; an axample follows:
Zone’s descriptions
Zone’s configuration (Crosszoning, intellizone)
Communication parameters ( PSTN and TCP/IP)
Day / Night parameters
Periodic system test reminders
User management and access level control
Siren sounding patterns
Multiple clients, Client management
The system suports the creation and management of multiple clients. This provides the base for more advanced operations as the following
Client observer
All clients may be programmed to report in a predefined time period to the ProVision software. Any client not seen in a regular basis creates a fault event.
Client event monitoring and alert
All clients may be programmed to report events such as alarms, faults etc to the ProVision software. The events are clearly shown as summaries and as individual indications for each client.
Support for floor plans with live sensor and other devices indication.
Every registered client’s installation may contain up to 12 floor plans of the client’s premises. These plans are used with overlapping indications of installed devices. The devices in the case of a live link to the customer, show the system status in real time.
Multiple local users with access rights management
Users of the ProVision software may have different levels of access to registed clients. The master user may add or delete users as wellas grand or revoke permisions to them.
The software uses RS232 local connectios or TCP/IP through ethernet for remote clients.
Requires Microsoft Windows XP or later.
Minimum requirements:
512MB Ram
200MB Hard Disk Space
Screen Resolution: Min 1024 x 768 px
The Software is available for free with Fighter Panels.


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