Paradox ViewMatrix Plus

Matrix Yangın Paneli İzleme Yazılımı


Software for Online Monitoring & Control of Matrix2000 panels

ViewMatrix Plus provides the user/installer with an operational overview of an installed system consisting of one or more Matrix2000 Fire Panels.
The key characteristics of the system are:
Monitoring of multiple client panels in real time (up to 1.000 units).
On screen mimic representation of remote panels including remote operations.
Up to 20 simultaneous, fully operational extra mimic panels.
Live event monitoring with audio and visual notifications for alarms and faults.
Up to 12 plans of the customer’s premises with detectors and siren placement.
Remote panel log downloading and local storage.
Report creation in html format with user defined criteria.
Included network configuration utility for IP settings of the modules.
Easy client location on map using Google Maps web location.
The program has been designed with a user friendly interface presenting concise uncluttered information. It gives the operator an instant understanding on the monitored units, been local or spread around the globe. As such it adds tremendous strategic value to the Matrix2000 fire panel series.
Requires the use of the optional MRTCP/IP module.
The Software is available for free with Matrix2000 Panels.


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